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In California, you may be eligible to have your misdemeanor conviction (including DUI) expunged from your record.  To be eligible, you must have:

  • Proof that you completed probation, paid all fines and restitution; and
  • Not been charged with any crimes since your conviction.

If I am currently on probation, am I eligible for expungemnet?

  • Possibly, yes.  Before we request expungemnt, we need to request that probation be terminated early.  To do so,  you must have complied with all terms of your probation.

What convictions are eligible for expungment?

  • Almost all misdemeanor convictions, other than sex offenses.

Is my DUI or Wet Reckless eligible for expungement?

  • Yes, DUI and Wet Reckless convictions are classified as misdemeanors.

How much does it cost to have my record expunged?

  • It depends on whether the conviction was a misdemeanor or felony.  For ordinary misdemeanor convictions, the cost is around $250 (plus court costs/filing fees).  For felony convictions, the cost is a bit higher.

How much is the court filing fee?

  • Orange County – $120.00 if probation was ordered; OR $60.00 if no probation was ordered.
  • San Diego County – $120 for a felony; OR $60 for a misdemeanor
  • San Bernardino County – $270


Do I need to appear in Court?

  • Generally, No.  For misdemeanor convictions, you do not need to appear in person; an attorney may appear on your behalf.
  • All that is needed from you is some basic background information, including information describing how you have been living an honorable, crime-free life since the conviction.


If my record is expunged, will I be able to answer “No” to whether I have a criminal record?

  • Yes.  If applying for a job, then you may answer “No” to whether you have ever been convicted of a crime.  This is one of the biggest benefits of the expungement process, the ability to say “No” to criminal history questions in job applications.


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